An icy Coronation Fountain and Henry Moore statue

Coronation Fountain and Henry Moore statue

A shot of the Coronation Fountain in Welwyn Garden City, seen frozen after a week of cold weather here in Hertfordshire this week.

This was the first use of an ND filter for me – used to purposefully block out light and allow for more smoothness in the water. This was a 3 second exposure, using an ND1000 filter.

The Henry Moore statue, seen here behind the fountain, is Large Standing Figure: Knife Edge, which was loaned last year for the town’s centenary celebrations. It’s been with us for longer than planned, and we’re lucky to have it. If you haven’t already paid a visit to the Henry Moore Foundation in Perry Green, it’s very much worth a visit.

Thanks to Lynette Stewart for making me aware how good it was looking!

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